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Product Pricing (ALL US dollars)     (November 2017)

(For shipping costs see below)

TPI Pier Topper/Adapter--CGE/CGE pro /CGEM/EQ6/NEQ6/EQ8/CEM60/AZEQ6-GT/ATLAS/CGX etc  
All Pier toppers are made custom to your application. Contact us for other configurations and applications- We also make adapter to fit "this mount to this tripod" Anything is possible
--$260.00 and up

TPI Tripod Spreader
EQ6/ NEQ6/ AZEQ6-GT/ CGEM/ AVX/ CG5 Spreader/IEQ45 /Advance VX/ Ioptron CEM60 ,Z25, ATLAS and ATLAS EQG- Alt Az (all Ioptron 2" tripods)
Also HEQ5, Sirius (with included tube adapters) **NOTE- NOT FOR
CGEM2 or CGX Tripods (see below)
(also for CPC and Meade)

Celestron CGE/CGEpro CGX-L Spreader
--$350.00 (call for availability) (Note: Due to the low production rate of this Spreader, the arms and clamp rings are hand made not CNC machined and come not Anodized, They are made one-Off and hand made)

Celestron CGX and CGEM 2 NEW EQ6-R TPI Tripod Spreader
--$275.00 Much longer arms and spread than the older original CGEM tripod-Comes with a hole machined in the ceter puck to allow the tripod threaded rod to pass through while folded.

Celestron CGE Fine AZIMUTH adjuster Kit


Heavy duty Battery tray (fits all TPI spreaders)  SOLD OUT
--$130.00 (Solid aluminum 1/8" and Anodized) Fits ALL our Spreaders

TPI Tripod Leg Levellers SOLD OUT
--$350.00 set of 3 Levellers (for EQ6. AZEQ6 and Orion Atlas models (Atlas AND Atlas EQG,AVX,CGEM,CG5,CPC,IEQ45, CGX CGEM2  and others)

TPI Tripod Leg levellers (CGE, CGE pro, CEM60 Tri Pier, Ioptron Tri Pier) SOLD OUT
--$385.00 set ($50 discount if your existing orange/black tripod leg tips are sent to us for machining in lieu of new TPI machined inserts)

Above pricing does not include shipping- see general rates below

All products can be ordered by e-mailing dave@tpiastro.com with the details

We ship expedited CANADA POST. Payment can be either through Interac E-mail, PAYPAL or postal Money order. PAYPAL is preferred for US orders, Interac E-mail transfer for Canadian orders. ALL PRICING IS IN US FUNDS

Shipping costs:
TPI Tripod Spreader alone-  To USA $28   -To Canada $15
Spreader+HD Battery Tray-   To USA $45   -To Canada $25

All packages are sent via Canada Post/USPS Expedited service packed securely in corrugated and foam material or corrugated box

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